Friday, 1 September 2017

Review - Pet Cuisine Sweet Potato & Duck Bites Dog Treats

I received this product at a discounted rate for an unbiased review.

Pet Cuisine Sweet Potato & Duck Bites for dogs

Product description 

Pet Cuisine Dog Treats - The taste of love, for you and your doggy! 
Pet Cuisine Dog Snacks are important additions to a healthy diet and wonderful rewards for your beloved pet: 
Pet Cuisine Jerky Treats help support healthy dog bones and joints function. We use only the finest quality meat(beef meat, chicken breast, duck breast, pork meat, lamb and salmon)to insure the comprehensive nutrition and great taste your dog will love; 
Pet Cuisine Dog Biscuits & Cookies in appealing shapes can satisfy a puppy's natural urge to bite, various delicious flavors(sweet potato,carrot,cod,fruit)for choosing; 
Pet Cuisine Dental Bones & Chew Sticks(mint, green tea, duck, rawhide, beef flavor)are great for cleaning dogs' teeth and keep breath fresh. 
We invite you to browse through our store and choose the favorite flavors for your dog! 
Feeding Guide: 
Feed as complementary food to your dog's daily meals 
Clean, fresh drinking water should be always be available 
Not for puppies under 9 months(smaller breeds) or 6 months(larger breeds)



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5/5 stars 


These natural dog treats consist of dried duck wrapped around dried sweet potato and our Labrador and beagle go absolutely crazy for them! They are packed in a reusable storage container which is very useful for storing other dog treats in once these have all been eaten.

You get quite a few of the sweet potato and duck bites in each pack. We've had this pack for just over two weeks now and there are still a couple left. I think that £7.99 is quite good value for the amount of treats you get.

The sweet potato part of the treats are quite soft so it only takes my Labrador a couple of quick chomps to devour them. It takes my beagle a little bit longer to eat them, but they still don't last her very long. Both Elgin and Cherry love them though, they get very excited when you pick up the storage jar! They make a perfect high value treat for awarding extra good behaviour. My assistance dog, Elgin. has these after he successfully alerts me that I'm about to have a muscle spasm or seizure.

I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future, and I may try a different flavour as well. Cherry and Elgin give these treats five stars.

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