Friday, 20 October 2017

Halloween Review - Halloween Bone Dog Biscuit Treat by Laughing Dog

We received this product free of charge for the purpose of an unbiased review 

Laughing Dog Halloween Bone - Hand Decorated & Wheat Free

Product Description 

Something truly terrific for the spookiest day of the year. A delicious treat comprising of a yoghurt coated wheat free biscuit bone, topped with carrot sprinkles and hand decorated to order in our bakery, finished with its own individual pumpkin decoration to make your favourite pooch 100% dog happy this Howlloween. Each bone is hand iced by one of our artisan bakers and is given the final seal of approval once nestled in its very own presentation box, with a satin ribbon. (Wording, imagery and icing colour may change).

Last order date for Halloween delivery - Friday 27th October by 11.30am.



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Reviewed by 

Bev, Scooby the Pomeranian, Rolo the Yorkie cross chihuahua and Dottie the Chihuahua 


4.5 stars 



As our dogs are part of our family we think it’s fun for them to join in with all of the special occasions throughout the year, including Halloween. Scooby, Rolo and Dottie sampled the Laughing Dog Halloween Bone.

I broke the bone into pieces and gave it to them a piece at a time as a treat.

Although the bone is quite hard Scooby (Pomeranian) found it fairly easy to chew.

Rolo (chihuahua/yorkie) spent several minutes licking the icing off of the top of the biscuit before eating it. 

Being smaller than the other two, chihuahua Dottie found the biscuit hard to eat even when broken into small pieces. She really enjoyed it and it did keep her quiet for a good while, but it was quite hard for her.

All three dogs found it to be a tasty treat, it was something different from their usual treats, and they really enjoyed it. Medium and large dogs would have no trouble at all crunching this bone - Julie’s labrador, Elgin would probably eat it in one mouthful! He does love his food! The icing would be especially tempting to him as he has a very sweet tooth.


I would definitely recommend these biscuits. They make the dogs feel included and give them a healthy, tasty treat. I also love the fact that the biscuits are gluten free so are ideal for dogs with wheat allergies or senstivies. 

The bones look great, and the packaging is very stylish. They’d make a great gift for a friend or relatives’ dog too. The bones are also available in a Happy Birthday version and a personalised version with your dogs name on.

The only real thing I would suggest is maybe a smaller, thinner version of the biscuit for small breeds like chihuahuas. That’s only a small negative among lots of positives though, so we have given the Laughing Dog Halloween Bone a spooky rating of 4.5 stars.


Don’t forget to order your Halloween Bone by 11am on Friday 27th October for delivery by Halloween. The purchase Link can be found above.

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