Friday, 6 October 2017

Halloween Review - Repino Halloween LED Pumpkin Lantern Light

Repino Halloween LED Pumpkin Lantern Light

Product Description 

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Battery:need put 3 button battery(include).
  • Primary Function: LED Pumpkin Light for Party, Halloween.
  • Designed specially for Halloween decoration, it can make the Halloween Day more awesome, mysterious and festival.



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4 stars 


This is a fun novelty light for Halloween. It's a decent size and looks very effective. Batteries are included which is unusual and is a nice bonus. You can switch it on and off, so it's not stuck on all of the time like some cheap decorations I've bought in the past.

The biggest drawback of this pumpkin lantern is that it's very lightweight, probably too lightweight to use outside. If you leave it outside on Halloween night and it's a bit windy, it's quite likely to be blown away I think. It is however great for indoor parties. It would look brilliant on a mantelpiece or shelf if you dim your living room lights slightly so you can see the pumpkin glowing.

Great value and good fun - four stars.

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