Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Jessie I Miss You

One year ago today we received a phone call from our vet that devastated us. Two days before our rescue dog Jessie had suddenly become very ill. The following day she had surgery to remove a blockage from her stomach, the surgery apparently went well. We were told she’d probably be able to come home the next morning, but instead we got the shocking news that Jessie passed away overnight. To this day I feel guilty that I wasn’t with her when she passed. I know the vet and vet nurse were with her, but I still feel horrible that she didn’t have a member of her family with her.

Jessie was a rescue dog and the first three years of her life were traumatic. She carried scars of severe abuse, but remarkably she still trusted humans. I don’t think I could be so forgiving if someone had burnt me with cigarettes or slashed my ears! She was a huge dog (55kg) but she truly was a gentle giant. She had four years with us and was thoroughly spoilt - she deserved it after what she’d been through. I hope that her happy years with us helped her forget her terrible start in life.

Jessie was a unique looking dog, I’ve never seen another dog quite like her. We don’t know what breeds she was crossed with - there was definitely some mastiff in her, but the other breeds are a mystery. Our best guess is that she was a mastiff crossed with a Great Dane. 

Jessie was a very loving and sensitive dog. She always knew when I was in pain or feeling down. When I was bed bound she’d spend all day cuddled into me. She was quite lazy and loved her sleep so she was quite happy to stay in bed all day!

We miss Jessie so much, she’s left a huge hole in our lives. There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t mention her, we’re always talking about her antics and unique character quirks. I know my Labrador Elgin misses her too. She was his best friend and his partner in crime.

Jessie you will always be loved and always be missed. I wish you were in our lives for longer, but you made those four years very special. I have some amazing memories of you that I’ll never forget. You’ll always be my special little princess.


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