Saturday, 21 October 2017

Reptiles needing new homes on Reptile Awareness Day

Today is reptile awareness day, so I thought I’d share with you some reptiles that are looking for new homes. Sadly many reptiles end up in rescue centres as people buy them without doing the proper research first. Reptiles need specialist care and many species have complex needs, so please make sure you are able to care for these amazing animals before buying one.

Name - Inca

Photo credit - Proteus Reptile Trust

Species - Black Spiny Tailed Iguana 

Rescue - Proteus Reptile Trust

Location - West Midlands 

More information - 

Meet Inca! A Black spiny tailed iguana who has been in our care for quite sometime now. The circumstances of Inca's arrival were not great, there was no lighting or heating available and the enclosure being used had not been cleaned in a very long time! Since we have been looking after this beautiful animal we have seen a marked improvement in general body condition, eating habits and growth. Inca is still extremely nervous though, so we are looking for an owner with a lot of time and patience.

Name - Oliver

Photo credit - South West Reptile Rescue and Rehab

Species - Sudan Plated Lizard

Rescue - South West Reptile Rescue and Rehab

Location - Wiltshire

More information -

Oliver was originally taken in by a young lad after he was being neglected and mistreated in a previous home. Due to concerns of infection he ended up coming to the rescue. Thankfully he was only covered in retained shed which has now been removed and is in good health.

Name - Patches

Photo credit - Reptilia Reptile Rescue

Species - Cornsnake

Rescue - Reptilia Reptile Rescue

Location - Yorkshire 

More information -

Patches was brought to us from the RSPCA as patches previous owner could no longer care for her. At first she is a slightly shy snake but once she feels comfortable she relaxes and is less active when handling. She is currently being fed once per week and has not missed a meal with us yet. Patches will require need a minimum 3ft enclosure.

Name - n/a

Photo credit - North Somerset Reptile Rescue

Species - Spur Thigh Tortoise 

Rescue - North Somerset Reptile Rescue

Location - Somerset 

More information -

Male spur thigh. Hatched 2009. Ready for rehoming. Home checks apply, he will need a very large tortoise table or specifically built outdoor heated and insulated house with additional heat and uv light provision. His rehoming fee is £90. 

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