Thursday, 26 October 2017

Review - Fluffy Non Slip Bed Socks

Fluffy Non Slip Bed Socks

Product Description 

  • These socks have all the cosiness of slippers and the comfort and flexibility of socks.
  • Care Instructions: Can be Machine Washed at 40° On a Gentle or Delicate Cycle, Do Not Iron, Tumble Dry, Dry Clean or Use Oxidizing Bleeching Agents
  • Cotton
  • Fabulous Stocking Filler
  • These Only Come In One Size - Manufacturers Advise Should Fit a UK 4-7


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5 stars 


I really feel the cold and struggle to keep warm during the winter, so these bed socks are ideal to keep my feet lovely and toasty. The bed socks are incredibly sort and very snuggly. They have grips on the bottom which stop your feet slipping on wooden floors.

My feet are size 4 and the socks fit me very well. They are very good quality, I’m very pleased with them. They are a pound or so more expensive than I’d usually pay for socks, but they are definitely worth the little bit extra. I’d recommend these bed socks and have given them five stars.

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