Monday, 30 October 2017

Review - HUGE SPORTS Workout/Gym Towel With Water Resistant Pocket

HUGE SPORTS Workout/Gym Towel With Water Resistant Pocket 

Product Description 

  • Anti-Bacterial technology to minimize germs reproduction on the towel and prevents odor
  • Quick dry that sweat would vaporize faster than normal towels
  • The pocket is water/splash resistant that sweat and liquid would not easily get into the pocket
  • Hook on the zipper could be used for hanging and easy pulling
  • Sanded fabric could prevent the towel to slip when you use it as the mattress on the floor or gym equipment


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5 stars 


This sports towel is really handy for the trips to the gym and other sporting activities. It’s available in four colours, I chose Rubin Red which is lovely and bright, it looks great (although I’d have described it as more of a pink than a red). Because it’s so bright it wouldn’t be easy to mislay it.

It’s a good size and has a very useful zipped pocket at one end. It’s perfect for keeping your essential valuables safe and to hand while you train. The towel is lightweight but also very soft and absorbent. My daughter is very sporty and uses this at karate practice and at the gym. The pocket keeps her mobile phone safe while she works out. She’s told me to give this five stars.

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