Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Review - Lifepul Double Cat or Dog Bowls with Non Skid Mat

Lifepul Double Bowls For Cats or Dogs

Product Description 

  • ✔ Non-Overflow in safety: The dog stainless steel bowls perfect design for raised lip edge keeping the water & food spills to a minimum,you are not upset for his overflow to the follor when his eating
  • ✔ Anti-Skid:Whole dog stainless steel bowls silicone bone bottom sticks to the floor slightly instead of sliding around on the floor,easy to keep area clean when she eats
  • ✔ Safety Material:Whole dog stainless steel bowls made of high quality stainless steel and an unique flexible food grade silicone bone bottom,your pet will be enjoy clean water and a healthy meal
  • ✔ Easily Cleaning:whole the dog stainless steel bowls clean up extremely easily, it can be rinsed or wiped clean even in the dishwasher after uses,save your time playing with your pets
  • ✔ Double pet Bowls: The set of two dog stainless steel bowls in 12 Oz capacity,one for food and one for water,feed for your pets at the same time


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4 stars 


On removing this from its packaging I was sceptical as it’s quite light. I got this as my 15 year old cat likes to push his bowls off the counter, and I thought he would be able to move the tray as there are no grips on the bottom to hold it down. Once it’s on a hard surface though it definitely stops the bowls from moving around. If you tug the tray then yes it does move, so it probably wouldn’t suit a boisterous dog or cat, but for our elderly cat it works well.

The tray also catches all of the food that Kitty drops, so it keeps the mess all together making it a lot easier to clear. The tray wipes clean easily, as do the bowls. If it gets very messy you can pop it in the dishwasher.

If the stand had small grippy feet on the bottom it would probably stay in place better. For this reason I’m giving it four stars as there is room for improvement - still a good buy though!

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