Thursday, 26 October 2017

Review - S&G pill box keyrings

S&G Pill Box Keyrings

Product Description 

  • USEFULL: Never let yourself or your loved one be without any necessary medications. These mini pill container boxes can help you out for emergency(A little bigger than other and you can take bigger pills)
  • LIGHT: Lightweight yet practically indestructible and made out of machined aluminum
  • MULTI-COLOR: There are five colors, silver, black, red, blue and gold, which can meet the tastes of different people
  • PORTABLE: This can be easily clipped onto your keychain, handbag, rucksack or just put in your pocket
  • WATER PROOF: waterproof pill containers with key ring


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5 stars 


These pill box keyrings are brilliant, they’re so useful. I paid for five keyrings (black, red, yellow, silver and blue) and received the green one free. I think £6.99 is a great price for this set, at just over £1 per keyring it’s really good value. They’re ideal to share with your family - my husband, my daughter and I are all using one and I’ve put the three spare ones safely away to use in the future. Also if you use lots of different bags depending on the occasion (work bag, gym bag, evening bag etc) you could attach one to each bag so that you’ve always got your medication to hand when you need it.

Both myself and my husband take regular medication, so these are perfect for us to use when we’re out and about. They’d also be useful to carry paracetamol or other painkillers if you’re prone to headaches etc. You can easily fit half a dozen average sized tablets inside each container.

The containers are waterproof so they can be attached to your keyring or bag without the risk of them getting wet. My husband has also used one of the keyring containers to carry money - a £5 note fits easily inside. This is a great product that definitely gets a big thumbs up (and five stars) from us.

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