Monday, 30 October 2017

Yet another round of hospital appointments

Over the last few months there doesn't seem to be a week that goes by where I don't have at least one appointment. I’ve had so many tests recently, including MRIs, EEGs, 48 hours EEGs, tests on my throat and much more. Add to that appointments to see consultants, speech and language appointments to help with my swallowing and choking problems, and home visits from physiotherapists and occupational therapists. My whole life seems like it revolves around medical appointments at the moment.

I’m just hoping that I get some answers soon as life is very difficult. I usually have at least two joint dislocations a day which is obviously extremely painful, at least two severe muscle spasms/seizures and I choke regularly too as I can’t swallow properly anymore. I fall daily (when transferring from my bed to my wheelchair etc) and I often get injured during the falls because my body is so fragile.

Hopefully the many tests will soon result in some better treatment that will improve my quality of life, because at the moment I’m a prisoner in my bedroom. 

My assistance dog Elgin patiently waiting by my wheelchair at the hospital.

I’ll stop the whining now and move on to something more positive - my incredible assistance dog Elgin. He’s been amazing recently, he’s helped me through some tough times. He’s helping with his usual tasks like helping me dress, but he’s also been learning new things like fetching help as soon as I start choking. It’s quite scary sometimes, but knowing Elgin is there is a big comfort to me.

Hospitals are very difficult for me, they usually trigger anxiety attacks, but my clever pooch has been keeping me calm. He’s so good at the hospital, and so patient. Everyone loves him, he always gets so much attention. Hospitals can be difficult environments for assistance dogs, but Elgin takes it all in his stride and seems to enjoy his visits there. He especially enjoys the fun trips to the park afterwards - and his trip to the pet shop to choose a new toy or treat!

Fingers crossed I will get some test results soon and that the doctors will be able to better control my severe pain. But in the meantime I have my special dog to give me lots of cuddles - they always make me feel better!

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