About us

A Dog's Life - Henry & M.E becomes 4 Wheels & 4 Helping Paws!

I first started this blog about seven years ago and it was mainly about how my rescue dog Henry helped me with my health problems. Sadly Henry passed away in February 2017 at the grand old age of 15 and he is very much missed.

My health problems have deteriorated drastically over the past couple of years and I ended up abandoning this blog while I concentrated on my health. I now need a new focus and I've decided to bring this blog back to life - complete with a new name!

I have numerous health problems that cause daily joint dislocations and violent muscle spasms. I rely on a wheelchair - and my extremely clever assistance dog Elgin. He helps me with daily tasks like helping me dress and undress, raising the alarm, opening doors, fetching the phone when it ring and much more - he can even unload the washing machine!

We also have a rescue dog called Cherry. She is a beagle who was saved from the horrific puppy farm trade, so we will be campaigning against this industry and helping to raise the profile of other dogs needing homes.

I've used a wheelchair full time for about two years now and I'm constantly surprised how difficult it is to find places to visit, restaurants to eat out at and holidays that are both disabled and dog friendly. We will be reviewing places that we've visited in the hope of helping other disabled people.

In 2016 I lost all of my hair in the space of two weeks and was eventually diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis. This has badly affected my already poor mental health, but with the help of my family I'm coming to terms with it. I will be investigating this poorly understood health condition, and reviewing hats, scarves and wigs.

We're also planning to review dog products, healthy food and drink products (including gluten free), beauty items and much more. We are also keen to investigate natural pain relievers and products than can aid relaxation and relieve tension.

If you wish us to review your product or service please do contact us on Wheelsandpaws@outlook.com