PR / Reviews

If you have a product or service that you would like reviewed please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email address -

Between myself and my family we cover a wide range of product bases!

Dogs - Elgin - 3 year old Labrador. Cherry - 4 year old beagle. Devon - 6 year old collie cross staffie. Skipper - 7 year old lurcher. Bandit - 12 year old lurcher. Bo - 15 year old Scottish Deerhound.

My friend's dogs who often help us review products if they're not suitable for our dogs -

Scooby, 8 year old Pomeranian. Rolo, 2 year old chihuahua cross Yorkshire terrier. Dottie, 1 year old short coated chihuahua.

Cat - Kitty,  15 year old male cat

Other pets - Terry - 4 year old Hermanns Tortoise. Lexi - 6 year old leopard gecko. Hamilton - hamster, 10 weeks old. African Pygmy hedgehog. Ferret. Cold water fish. Tropical fish.

Julie - 37. Me! Looking to review healthy food, pain relief products and health and beauty products suitable for sensitive skin.

Sarah - 26 Sister-in-law.  Will help review any food products not suitable for me, skincare etc

Alan - 34. Brother.  Diabetic. Looking to review any male grooming products, healthy food etc.

Sue - 53. Mum.  Will help to review any skin care products suitable for older skin and gluten free food.

Bev - likes to review children's products, health and beauty products, household and kitchen items

Phil - very keen on reviewing watches, also able to review male grooming products

Katie - 13. Katie loves to review makeup, hair products, beauty products, fashion, gadgets and more


Between both mine and my co-bloggers' families, we have a number of children of various ages.

Boy - 6 months likes dinosaurs and animals
Girl - 14 months into princesses, fairies and animals
Boy - 14 months into cars, trains and animals
Boy - age 6 likes cars, trains and space rockets
Girl - age 7, into princesses and anything pretty
Boy - age 9, into transport and dinosaurs
Boy - age 10 into robots and cars
Girl - age 10, loves animals and wildlife especially monkeys and giraffes
Girl  - age 13, into unicorns, hearts and anything pretty